Thermochemical Combined and Controlled System STCC ™.

EIt is a thermochemical matrix stimulation system able to reach high temperatures and pressures.

Results generated by the STCC™

  • - Generates an increase in temperature, thus allowing the removal of organic deposits such as Asphaltenes and Paraffins.
  • Brine obtained is not harmful to the formation. Inhibits the swelling of the clays in formation.
  • Nitrogen generation (N2), pressure relief in the hydrostatic column increases mobility of crude oil in the pipeline.

Thermochemical Fracturing System SFT ™.

Fracturing of unconventional reservoirs as a consequence of the expansion of Nitrogen (N2) generated during the exothermic reaction of the technology.

Efectos generados por el SFT™

  • Based on the pressure estimates produced by the reaction, Castillomax proposes the development of its application in unconventional deposits (shale gas / shale oil) as an alternative to conventional hydraulic fracturing
  • Increased permeability due to fractures.
  • The reaction reaches about 220 ºF.
  • It allows the control of the pressure generated at the bottom.