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For the period 2016-2018

The Oil Chamber of Venezuela appoints Miguel Angel Castillo Lara as new communication and IT Director

·       The new authorities were sworn during the xxxviii Ordinary General Assembly.

·       The People's Minister of Petroleum and president of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, was present throughout the event.

(Caracas, July 2016) "For a long time, I considered belonging to the most important association of the Oil sector in Venezuela. Being here is a dream fulfilled" with these words the CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas, Miguel Angel Castillo Lara, said he was very proud to assume the position of Communication and IT director during the period 2016- 2018 of the Oil Chamber of Venezuela (CPV, by its acronym in Spanish).

For Castillo Lara to accept this responsibility is "a professional challenge”. He is planning to implement innovative plans during his management period. In the communications area, his goal will involve the modernization of “Barriles” magazine, main means of communication of the institution. In the IT area, the focus will consist on connecting all national chapters through virtual networking, straightening out Board of Directors sessions.

Meanwhile, the new president of the CPV, Alexis Medina, said his action plan is to "change immediately". He added, that "today's needs are different than they were five years ago. So we must improve the working tools."

Medina pointed that the main idea of an alliance with Castillomax Oil and Gas, was because of the innovative products the company has put on the market and its excellent communication strategy. Both aspects will be of great support for all the activities organized by the chamber.

Finally, the People's Minister for Petroleum and president of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, invited all members to create a relationship where dialogue is honest and open. "I know that there are difficulties and complicated situations in the market, but with real communication, team work and exploring other ways of relating, for sure we will triumph against all odds."

The board of the CPV for the period 2016-2018 is conformed by: Alexis Medina, President; Alejandro Vicentini, First Vice-president; Reinaldo Quintero, Second Vice-president; eight principal directors; eight supporting directors; two commissioners -main and substitute-, and nine directors of strategic areas. ***

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