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During the "Entrepreneurs 2.0" event

The CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas told his story of success through the event

·      In the event participated different speakers linked to the entrepreneurship sector.

(Caracas, July 2016) "Undertake and do something different means facing a challenge to all humanity. When you start to fight, your decision must be, not to lose", said the CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas, Miguel Angel Castillo Lara, during his presentation at the event Entrepreneurs 2.0.

In his keynote presentation called The Symphony of Innovation, Castillo Lara explained the most important aspects that guided him during his growth as an entrepreneur and businessman, using phrases of songs that marked the most significant moments of his life. He noted that "success is always waiting for people" and to develop a project and achieve the goals, there must be motivation, passion and love.

He also spoke about the trajectory of Castillomax Oil and Gas, a company that began its work in 2013 covering the areas of numerical calculations, metalworking, virtual and augmented reality, in order to provide differents solutions to national and international oil market.

He pointed that Castillomax Oil and Gas, was the first Venezuelan private company to participate in the World Petroleum Congress, held in Moscow in 2014. This event is one of the most important of the oil sector, therefore it represented a great challenge for the entrepreneur Miguel Castillo, who pretended to show a major product created by the company. That was how the Optimax 3D Project was born, a software that generates in a few seconds all the basic engineering of an oil terminal.

"When I decided to launch this project everyone said I was crazy. That filled me with pride, because the difference between a madman and a genius, is only the success" said Castillo Lara, who added that the use of this software allow performed in few seconds a job that normally takes several months. "People thought it was impossible to realize this project, but in Castillomax we did it in 16 weeks."

Finally, the businessman made a tour of the most important national and international achievements obtained since the beggining of his entepreneurship, and remark that the key factor to be successful is “to walk, keep straight and do not let others disturb your dreams."

The panel of the second edition of Entrepreneurs 2.0 was integrated by Vizo Veronica Ruiz, CEO and founding member of Mashup Interactive Agency; Alberto Barradas, clinical psychologist; Carlos Lorenzo, comedian known as "Kabetokhk"; Miguel Sogbi, executive director of The Media Office; Samuel Rodriguez, young businessman and comedian; César Velázquez, host of “Encabinados Program”; Lorenzo Anderson, founder of Shanty Events, and Miguel Angel Castillo Lara, CEO of  Castillomax Oil and Gas. ***

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