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Supported by Castillomax Oil and Gas

ACM SIGGRAPH Caracas professional chapter had a Computer Graphics session at the XIII CIMENICS Congress

· The activity was organized by the Universidad Central de Venezuela, the Venezuelan Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering and the Universidad Simon Bolivar.

(Caracas, July 2016) Aiming to contribute with the development of the technology community in the country, Castillomax Oil and Gas hosted a computer graphics session through the Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (ACM SIGGRAPH), Caracas professional chapter, during the XIII International Congress of Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences (CIMENICS its Spanish acronym) at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Sartenejas campus.

"It is important that these activities are supported, because there are several valuable human talents in Venezuela such as: artists, designers and engineers. If we all unite, for sure we will achieve important things" said CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas and president of the ACM SIGGRAPH Civil Association, Caracas professional chapter, Miguel Castillo Lara.

In this context, Yomar Gonzalez, a member of the CIMENICS organizing committee said that disclosure of these activities is crucial to promote and maintain research work in Venezuela. "There is still a huge interest of the scientific community to expose their work to the world”. He added, that the private sector support was a determining factor for the development of this activity.

Exciting technological world

The SIGGRAPH session began with the intervention of Miguel Castillo, with his presentation 15 years of history and evolution: ACM-SIGGRAPH Caracas professional chapter. He presented a summary of the history of the association and the ongoing effort to raise awareness on educational, artistic and scientific computing applied areas.

Afterward, Angel Rivas, Graphics and Hardware Computing manager at Castillomax Oil and Gas, talked about the “Virtual reality system for Marine Loading Arms operator training”. He explained that the main idea behind this project "was to give the user an experience as close as possible to the operational reality and thereby reduce risk situations". The simulator provides detailed operations of loading arms in an oil jetty environment.

For its part, Carolina Chang, Universidad Simon Bolivar professor and specialist in artificial intelligence, showed her scientific work titled Re-testing Bioleta Mata robot: Fire detection and augmented reality research which seeks to create a "smart plant" that moves when fire is detected.

Finally, Victor Rodriguez, Vice president of the ACM SIGGRAPH Caracas professional chapter, presented a talk titled Remote animating the 3D stereoscopic feature film Holy Night and explained his participation in the film nominated for the 30th edition of the Goya Awards 2016. Being the first film in which he was assigned animation of the story main characters, it meant a great professional challenge.

Castillomax Oil and Gas was part of the sponsoring companies of the Congress, fulfilling its commitment to support scientific activity in Venezuela. Hitherto there have been 12 meetings in the country, with the participation of national and international researchers.

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