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Innovation in the oil sector

CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas will talk about its success story at the Entrepreneurs 2.0 Forum.

• Relevant speakers linked to the entrepreneurship and social media area in Venezuela will be present in this activity. It will take place on July 14, at the Cultural Center BOD in Caracas.

(Caracas – June 2016) "Castillomax Oil and Gas was born to transform ideas into innovative products and services for the national and international oil industry," said the founder and CEO of Castillomax Oil and Gas, Miguel Castillo Lara, who this next July 14, will be part of a select group of speakers at “Entrepreneurs 2.0” Forum in Caracas city.

Castillomax Oil and Gas is a company that just three years after its creation, has demonstrated a sustainable growth in the domestic and international oil sector, with 100% Venezuelan personnel. One of his most outstanding achievements in engineering was the design and manufacture of a Multi-buoys Mooring system for a refinery located on the Pacific coast of the Republic of Nicaragua. In the IT area, the company is pioneer in the development of the first system of virtual and augmented reality, oriented to train operators of Marine Loading Arms in marine oil terminals.

On the other hand, the forum head coordinator and Director of Shanty Eventos, Henderson Lorenzo, said that “Entrepreneurs 2.0 will contribute to the education in the digital world". During the event, participants will hear the experiences of many entrepreneurs who have managed to transform their projects into reality. He added that in this second edition, the speakers will share their success stories and some business strategies used to build their companies. 

The panel will be formed by: Veronica Ruiz del Viso, CEO of Mashup Interactive Agency; Alberto Barradas, clinical psychologist; Carlos Lorenzo, Venezuelan comedian known as "Kabetokhk"; Miguel Sogbi, CEO of The Media Office; Samuel Rodriguez, Businessman and comedian; Cesar Velazquez, Radio host; Lorenzo Anderson, Shanty Eventos Founder, and Miguel Castillo Lara, CEO of Castillomax  Oil and Gas.

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