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Sponsor of CIMENICS 2016

Castillomax Oil and Gas supports scientific development in Venezuela

· The event will be held from July, 11 to 13 at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Sartenejas campus.  It will have the attendance of prominent national and international speakers.

(Caracas, June 2016) Castillomax Oil and Gas, venezuelan oil company that provides innovative products and services to the hydrocarbons sector, will be part of the group of sponsoring industries of the XIII International Congress of Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences (CIMENICS, For its acronym in Spanish) with a contribution of 600 thousand bolivares (approximately 1200 USD), fulfilling its commitment to support scientific activity in Venezuela.

The event aims to promote and disseminate knowledge in diverse areas related to technology and innovation. Till 2016, 12 conferences have been organized in the country, with the participation of domestic and international researchers. This edition is being prepared by the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), the Venezuelan Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering and the Universidad Simon Bolivar (USB), being the venue of the congress.

For the research and development director of Castillomax, Ivan Sanchez, "this conference will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge between our company and students of engineering and basic sciences, as well as with researchers from multiple disciplines." In addition, it will allow all those young students almost finishing their careers, to detect research opportunities for their theses,  so  they can make various contributions in these specialties.

He added that Castillomax, will also be organizing a thematic session, dedicated to the Caracas Professional Chapter of the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), a strategic partner of the company in virtual and augmented reality. This chapter brings together researchers, visual artists, filmmakers, scientists and computer professionals, with the aim of sharing advances in the area.

Technology Made In Venezuela

In an effort to continue to innovate in the technology sector, Castillomax will present during the meeting of the ACM-SIGGRAPH at CIMENICS, a compendium of technical aspects related to the development of the “first system of virtual and augmented reality, oriented to train operators of oil Marine Loading Arms”. During the session, all the participants will have the chance to test the MLA simulator, which will be deployed at the Group of Artificial Intelligence laboratory.

The MLA simulator provides detailed operations of loading arms in a marine oil terminal. It is predicted that the use of this software will increase work productivity of crude oil transfer, thus optimizing time required for staff training.

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